Agricultural Automotive Waste Streams

Avanti (AAWS) is the single largest recycler of Automotive Waste in the UK and continues to invest in and
develop new and innovative ways in which Automotive Waste can be both collected and recycled, not only
reducing customer cost, but carbon footprint.

  • Bulk Waste Oil
  • Waste Oil Filters
  • Waste Antifreeze
  • Waste Aerosols
  • Waste Contaminated Fuel
  • Waste Contaminated Rags
  • Waste Contaminated Granules
  • Waste Lead Acid Batteries
  • Waste Brake Parts
  • Waste Fluorescent Tubes
  • Waste Brake Fluid
  • Waste Solvent / Paint Solids

Once processed the resulting waste streams are treated and used in the secondary fuel market. This ensures
that material is classified under an R code for waste recovery hierarchy purposes.


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